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User action is different visit


Hi all!

I'm on POC right now and faced with the issue, where each user click creates different user session with different Sesion ID. More on this, those actions does not correlate to server-side data

The environment is IIS with .Net application running in Application Pool. I've tried to put all urls to one single application, but it didn't help.

Thanks for any ideas.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Vlad, please describe if you verified Firewall requirements and if you diagnose your environment with UEM Health Check. What is it saying ?

UEM health check shows ok. Some sessions from certain PC's are ok, but most of them not. I'll be back on customer site tomorrow and will check. What I saw from developer mode is that I have only dtCookie, but not others. I had no chance to check it on PC, who creates proper visit

What I've founded.

We are missing dTPC, dTLatC and dTsa paremeters in cookie in IE11, but it works in other browsers.

update: these parameters doesnt created if user connects to application using IE and FQDN (with usual domain it works). Firefox and Chrome doesnt care about names. Basicall the problem occurs only with IE which connects to app using FQDN

How is you application recognition defined ?

Starts with domain name and contains something in the middle of URI. Unfortunately I cannot share nor sessions, neither even screenshot cause of local security.

I strongly believe this is because of local security settings.

One more what I found, they use WebSockets for UEM, but still we can see such user actions and link them to server-side data. In addition to usual user's Ajax Action and see a lot of trash from JavaScript ADK action group.


Are cookies allowed? If not that could cause the behavior you describe. Sometimes it is caused e.g. by an adblocker that disallows cookies.