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User actions are not captured completely



We are monitoring a web application where few user actions and user action purepaths are not captured in client. However I see URI from Pure paths but I do not want to create it as a web request. I want to create a measure as an user action and then chart it. But I am not seeing anything for SIGN IN as User Action for my page. But we are tracking some other user actions for same page. Why is this could be happening?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

A user action can be made up a multiple web requests so first I would try to determine if the request involved in that sign in you're looking for is being included in any existing user actions. You can drill from one of the PurePaths to user action PurePaths or visits and then see what action if any it is being tied to. The names of the user actions are sometimes based off of names and ids of elements in the pages so it may not be the same name as that of the web request. For instance, if a login uses a button named "submit" the action might show up as something like "click on 'submit.'"

Yes James that's correct but in my case I am seeing web requests with the URI and then I drill down to purepaths but from purepaths there is no drill down option to visits or user actions.

If you can't drill down then it's likely that they are not being tied to any user actions. This can happen if the request is triggered by some framework that is not enabled in your user experience settings (i.e jQuery, Angular JS, etc...) or if it is non-JavaScript. I'd look through those frameworks and see if there are any that you are aware your site is using that you may want to enable (ideally test them out in some pre-prod environment). If this doesn't help you may want to open a support case where they have more experience investigating these to determine why a certain series of steps doesn't create an action.

Also, as a sanity check you can look at the source of the sign in page and make sure the agent is actually being injected there which is often the first point of failure for issues like this. It can be found by searching for "dtagent."

And of course others may be able to add some expertise as well.


I checked the agent if it is injected or not that part looks fine. Yeah finally I opened a support ticket for this issue. Let's see what they have to say about this.