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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User's navigation path (Scenario)


Hi All,

I done a research into forum but without success (if there is a similar post, please paste the link below).

I need to your help to configure a business Transaction (if possibile) to gathered up the data (response time for the moment) from the user's navigation (scenario).

The scenario will be specified between the application's pages for example:


1. /webapp/...../pageA

1. /webapp/...../pageB

1. /webapp/...../pageB.1

1. /webapp/...../pageD

The BT should be registered if user requests all the pages specified above.

Could you help me?

Let me know if you need to more information.

thanks & Regards,




Hey Davide, could you reiterate what response you are looking for? Do you want the response time of each of the 4 web requests individually? Of the whole user visit? Of one specific web request? I have an idea of how you can accomplish your scenario.


Thank you for your answer Steve.

I would the response time of the 4 web requests individually done from the same user.

If the user follows a URL custom path, I would know the response time for every URL in the path.

Let me know if you need to further information.

Thanks & Regards,



Hey Davide, it sounds like you're after a Business transaction which captures the response time of URIs A, B, C, and D and only captures that information if all 4 URIs were involved in the user's visit.

If that is the case what you need is to create a visit-based BT, add 4 URI filters (one for each URI you're after), and add 4 response time result measures (one for each URI you're after).

Your BT might look something like this:


And the filters something like this:


And the result measures something like this:


You would of course need to update the URI string to whatever URI you are interested in for all 8 measures. I selected RegEx for the the pattern and put .+ in the middle section of the URI because the URI's you gave had ...'s so I expect maybe you were indicating it was variable. Let me know if you have more specifics on the URI pattern or questions about the configuration.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

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