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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Using AppMon, Create a custom Dashboard with multiple dashlets


In Dynatrace it is possible to create a dashboard with multiple dashlets. Is this functionality available in AppMon 6.5? It is possible for me to create a dashboard with dashlets shown one after each other individual tabs. I wish to have multiple dashlets shown on one tab, the CPU consumption next to the thread count for instance.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

The Thread you Link to actually talks about appmon! So it is totally possible in 6.5 and earlier, just use the guides provided there.

It may be a bit confusing as they reference appmon as "dynatrace" there, but a (not so) long time ago appmon was actually called dynaTrace 🙂

The solution by Andreas G. Nov 27, 2015 points to the Advanced Dashboarding Video which after 19:00 min shows how is works, so patience pays off.

The solution described by: Alex S. Nov 26, 2015, doesn't work in my environment. It is not possible to drag and drop a dashlet.

That is wired, the drag&drop should definitely be possible! You have to get used to it a bit, when dragging the header of the dashlet you have to hold the mouse button and go quite far to the edge to drop the dashlet somewhere else. It will display a grey border on where the droplet will be placed when you go far enough to the edge.


I think part of the problem could be caused by the VCI that I am working in. The drag&drop necessary to move the dashlets does not function smoothly, after many attempts it was possible to do. When I tried a locally installed version of Dynatrace it was possible to move the dashlets without any problems.