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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Using a collector in Amazon AWS



We have a number of AWS Roles that we want to instrument the web servers.

We have created a collector in AWS but when connecting servers to it we have an issue.

The collector is in a VPC so that it can connect back to our DC using a VPN but the web servers are not in the same VPC so have to connect over the internet with firewall rules to only allow connection from valid servers.

The problem is using the standard collector config the collector gives out the internal IP to the web agents.

I have changed the config of the collector to use "dtcollector1.local" and given a local host file entry to allow it to bind to the internal IP (you can bind to the external IP as it does not exist on the server).

The problem is the agent is still using the internal IP in the endpoints file. I have search for the internal IP in all the sub folders on the collector but cannot find any reference to the internal IP.

I cannot change the endpoint file as this seems to get re-written.

Has anyone setup a collector in AWS and connected to it via it's exernal IP address?




Will create a support ticket and reply back if I get an answer....