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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Using the REST Service API how to fetch the purepath node 1 details as response



Wanted REST service output XML should contain the first node of WebRequest Details as well to fetch the Query data send along with URI, using the below rest api paramters I am unable to get subnodes of the each purepath.

Can I know which additional parameters needs to be added to fetch the data please?





Hello Rajesh,

We also did an integration on the rest api in order to retrieve complete purepaths.

We used the rest API in this way:


You also need to increase below dashboard settings in order to get all the PP (nodes):

dashlet - right click, dashlet properties - reporting - enable dashlet specific settings - increase both maximum number of ... settings.

Important remark:

The rest API has been designed to manage your AppMon environment. Getting complete purepaths by using the rest is possible, however you need to do it with caution. High throughputs for this kind of request can bring your server health at risk. Even low throughputs with high time periods into the request can be a risk, definitely on production environments.

There are other solutions to stream data (even your query's!) to external systems, such as elastic search, splunk, InfluxDB (timeseries), ... by using the purelytics (POST/elastic) stream or the powerful business transaction feed.


Hi Steven,

for my use case I need exact the same query as you posted above: get all PP details / nodes for a given time filter on a specific dashboard.

However, when try this query on my machine (server version 6.2) it seems that the filter parameter is ignored as soon as I use the purePathDetails parameter. If I omit the purePathDetails parameter, the filter works as expected. Does this really work on your machine? If this is the case, which version are you using?

Best Regards,

Hello Jan,

I didn't mention that you need to use a purepath dashlet,

Rich client: Dashboard - new - select purepath dashlet, if needed place some filters on the dashboard dashlet, this to make a purepath selection (for example a business transaction filter, application - / agent group filter, ... ).

Then you can use the rest api url on top of this dashboard to retrieve your PP details / nodes. Don't forget the dashboard settings described in above post. (to get all the PP/nodes)

Let us know if this works for you.


Hi Steven, thank your for your reply. Finally, I figured out that I had a typo in my REST query. The query from above works perfectly. Sorry for the confusion!


Please take a look into this

there is different path for XML reports

should be */rest/management/dashboard/* not

In your case please
use this URI to get PP subnodes