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Value of web request header



Is it possible to add a column to "User experience - Visits" based on a value of a web request header?

Ex: URL :
Add a new colunm called "userid" and show the values like in this ex 125875 (as shown Client Family, Client IP, ...)

Or is there another (and maybe better) way that we can start to investigate starting from a value of a

web request header ? i.e. fill in a userid and show the visits related to it.

At our company we are using version 6.3

Best regards

Kris Grietens


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Kris,

You can create a measure which captures the value of this URL parameter (or value of a header attribute, whichever applies better to your situation). Then, from UEM configuration options (in System Profile, on 'User Experience') you have the option of tagging visits. If you add the measure which you created in this field, your visits dashlet will then show the values of that parameter as well.
For your example, the visit column will contain "Visit of '1254875' from .... network". Having this displayed in the Visits dashlet, you can then just type the user id you want to search for, and the results will be narrowed to that value only.

Best regards,

Radu Stefan

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You can actually create the measure directly from UEM settings - when presented with the list of already created measures, there is the "Create measure" option which presents you with a narrowed list of relevant measure types.


Hi Radu,

Thx for the quick response, but I'm not able to set it up. I think that setting up a measure is not done correctly at my site.

  • In Measures, I create a "Transaction based Measures - Business Transaction ... - Web Requests - Parameter Value"
  • I only filled in the "Parameter value" with "userid"
  • Then I did the UEM magic.

Actually, the uri looks like this :


I see. Let's go through it.

In the System Profile, on your application tier (Agent Group), under Sensor Configuration, under Servlets sensor pack, click properties.

In the window that opens, make sure you have the "userid" set as a parameter to be captured by the sensor pack, as such:

Apply changes. Go to create the measure now. Like you said "Transaction based.... Web Requests - Parameter Value", but fill in a bit more than just the name of the parameter:

- URI: give it some way to identify the URI, maybe something at the like you said "contains" or "contains /info" (from what I see in your example above)

- Query: must contain the parameter you want, so here you should put "contains userid="

- Parameter: this is the actual parameter, so just put "userid"

And that should be it.

Note: you can get this whole measure pre-populated if you manage to find a PurePath that contains this call, right click on it and choose 'create measures...', then from the list chose the 'parameter value' type measure as above. You can inspect a call to see if the parameter is captured correctly by right-clicking it and choosing 'details'; it should then be at the bottom of the window like this:

Let me know if you have any issues.



P.S. If you don't know which tier it is exactly, then just edit one of the Servlet packs and when you choose OK (to apply changes), click on the arrow next to the OK button, then choose "OK and apply to other Agent Groups" and you can choose all of them to be sure (or get a better idea of what tiers use this pack).

You also need to tell dynatrace to capture userid as HTTP PArameter. You can do that in your Web Server, Servlet or ASP.NET SEnsor Properties. Edit these Sensor PRoperties and add "userid" to the list of captured parameters. This is required for Web Requests - Parameter measure to work as it doesnt parse the URL but it looks at the parameters captured by our sensors




I'm very happy now, it works !!! THX for all the help ...