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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

View entire SQL statement in PurePath


Database summary details as viewed from the PurePath tree show the SQL query being executed. In some cases the SQL statement is quite long and is being truncated. Is there a character limit configuration that can be increased to allow viewing the entire SQL statement?



Hi @Madhu Wadekar,

yes, you can increase the SQL Command string char limit in the System Profile -> Agent Group -> Sensor Configuration, as shown below (for JDBC sensor and/or ADO .NET sensor).

Right click on your System Profile, edit it then left tab, go to your agent group and click on Sensor Configuration, pick your Database sensor (JDBC or ADO) and click on Properties:

And then modify the limit as shown below:

Click on OK and Apply...and that's it.

Same thing for any other Database sensors. As an example the ADO is shown below:

Hope that helps.

Ciao, Raff

Hello @Raffaele Talarico, this is simple and straightforward solution. For some reason it didn't work on my DT client version I tried restarting my client without luck. I'm certain it will work. Thank you very much for the answer.

@Madhu Wadekar,

this is not a Client setting, it's an Agent setting. this means the SQL statements are not truncated when displayed by the Client, they are truncated when captured by the Agent. which in turn means that this will only work for SQL statements that are captured after you changed this setting.

HTH, Christian


Are there any downsides of doing this?

well, the Agent will have to capture longer strings so it might lead to some more overhead and traffic, especially if you have really long and a lot of different SQL statements.

if there's mostly repeating SQL statements, then the JDBC statement string caching will prevent most of the impact, though.

HTH, Christian