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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Visit Tagging Across Visit Sessions


Hello and good day.

We noticed that for a user that uses our systems over a long period of time (longer than the default 30 minutes per visit session), the visit tag does not carry over to the second visit session. What I mean is this:

Visit 1:

User logs into the system - Visit tag is created

-- user activity continues for the next 30 minutes --

-- Visit duration ends after 30 minutes --

Visit 2:

A new visit is created. Since the user does not execute a login transaction, the visit tag is not captured any the visit is labelled as "Visit from <place> using <browser> although the user IP address and session remains the same.

The result is that we have a lot of visit sessions without visit tags, which makes it impossible for us to identify the user who did the transactions since their IP addresses are masked by the load balancer.

I understand that this is done for licensing purposes, but how do I make the visit tag carry over to the second visit if the initial user session is still active?

See Hua


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If the visit times out - it is not 30 minutes of duration but actually 30 minutes without any user action - then a new visit will be started if the user continues to work in the same browser session. There is nothing to tie those two visits together afterwards.

What I would suggest is to grab the username somewhere that is not just in a visit a single time but ideally on each request (e.g. using a session entry or using the new CSS selectors of 6.3 from the actual HTML page) so that the newly created visit gets also tagged with the same user id.

We don't do this for licensing purposes - actually if a visit is longer than 1 hour it will consume 1 licensed visit per hour anyways - but in order to limit the number of unfinished visits the server needs to keep in memory.