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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Visits with No Errors


Hi All,

Want to create a BT which will capture all the visit in which 'No error message' is displayed to end-user.

In my application, there is a common class/method 'UserException:displayErrorText()' is being called to show the Error message to end user.

I am trying to create a measure which will check 'UserException:displayErrorText()' method is not invoked. I have tried with 'Invocation(Methods)' type, but this measure will only work if the that particular method is getting called. In my case, this method will never called, if there is no error message.

Is there any inbuilt feature which I can use to achieve above requirement?



Hello Nitin,

I am not sure this will work, but it is certainly worth a try. You will have to create a BT and ensure that in the BT configuration you have selected calculate business transaction per visit. This will give you access to the server side and client side metrics. For your method invocation measure, you could try setting the evaluation threshold to below or equal 1 (as I don't think zero is allowed). This should give you a BT that captures the visits where you method shows up one or fewer times.

If they show up in the BT then you would be able to sort the count column to list your entries in the most useful way for you.

Again, I should mention that I am not sure this would work as my though is that AppMon would just ignore the visits with no invocation of that error method...but we will see what results you get.


David Nicholls