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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Visits with user action on same row


In Visits dashlet , Visit overview will give the list of visits and by selecting each visit we will get the list of User action in below panel . Our client requested to pull the details of the user action on the same row for a visit , without having to click on each visit to see the user actions . Is this possible ?

In user action dashlet we have visit header , this will give the total number of visits that executed the user action . Is there any way to display the list of visit tags instead of count .

Even by creating a business transaction split by visit tag , i will get the result as aggregate but what can be done to get the value of user action .


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. What you are asking is right now not possible. I also wonder what information you want to see. What if the user clicked on 100 user actions. Would you want to see every user action in the same row?


In our application also we are looking in a similar way. We were also updated currently not possible.

Our business wants to see details in below format:

Date | Start Time | User ID (Visit tag) | User Actions | Response Time

It's really good feature to have it.

++ @Corey W., @Abhaya S., @Sruthi S., @Ashok G.

So - you want to have one entry per User Action - something like this?

Feb 12 | 12:10 | User 1 | click on something | 1.001ms
Feb 12 | 12:12 | User 1 | click on something else | 2.345ms

Is that what you are looking for? I think you can get this information from the User Actions dashlet. You can let it group by User (via the toolbar button) and then you see every user action from every user. You also get to see start time, name of the action and response time


Thank you Andreas, I didn't realized this one

This should help to certain extend... 🙂

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @Andreas G. I'd like to have a bit more help with this. Our business also wants something similar to the former request. In this case, they purpose is to export this into a CSV file.

The problem that I found is that Business will use this CSV with some automatized tools, and it needs to be very exact. In this case, if I filter by visit I get this:

Where I'd like to see only 'dvca926' in the cell.

Would this be possible?

Also, is it possible to apply a filter that removes all Visits without a VisitTtag?


If you want to export that data I suggest to look into our Business Transaction Real Time Data feed or our PureLytics Stream where we feed our data to external system in its raw format and you can do with the data what you basically want. I have these tutorials for you - hopefully this helps

* PureLytics:

* Real Time DAta Feed:


Thanks Andy! That was going to be my last shot, but I always wanted to play around with Purelytics, so let's do it!

wohooo 🙂 - keep me posted