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Visually complete for BT

Hi all,

thanks to the new version, the "Visually Complete Time" measure is available. I added this measure in the "calculate Rusults" of my BTs, but this is never calculated for the Ajax action (with Page actions is calculated). Let me explain: in the BT dashboard I do not see the metrics bt-dashboard.png and consequently I can not view it on chart or text and measurement dashlet, but if I do a drill down "user action purepath" I see that the metric is collected ua-purepath.png

Does anyone have my same problem?

How could I solve?




Hello Lazaro,

I did an exerciser in the demo environment with the following configuration of the business transactions based on the User Action & Visit and both worked for me.

Also you can change the performance metric of the action group from user action duration to visually complete after enabled the visually complete in the additional packs.



Hi Babar,
thanks for the reply, I have not yet tried to change the performance metric of the action group, but I'll try in the coming days. I had opened a ticket for support, because it seemed too strange a behavior. Under what they answered:


Thanks for contacting Product Support. This is a known issue as the actions only with associated page loads are being considered for the resulting measure when calculated for a BT. This will be fixed in the upcoming 7.0.15 Public Update so that all actions with an associated Visually Complete time will be aggregated in the BT result measure.

The associated fix is coming via JLT-202366, so you can check the notes when 7.0.15 releases to ensure it is there. Please let me know if you have any questions.

edit: This should be available within the next two weeks.



Hi @LAZAROYADRIAN P., Update 15 was just released with this fix.

Release notes here:

Download here:

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Hi Joshua,

thanks for the info, as soon as I can apply the fix and I will let you know the results.