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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

WAS measure - 'Active Thread Count' not found in measures list

Hello there, I have installed AppMon on IBM WebSphere app servers. But there is no measure group related to IBM WebSphere eg. Active Thread Count, Hung Thread Count etc.. Also I see in the agent overview that the two property values are coming as false:

Application Server Version was detected : false

Application Server was detected : false

What sensor pack I am missing to place?.


AFAIK, the WAS version 8.5.x.. And the command output is:

uname -a

SunOS fin10was2 5.10 Generic_150400-40 sun4v sparc sun4v

Please help urgently.


It seems the current setup is unsupported by dynatrace, that is the reason the measure group is not being fetched.

OS: Sun Solaris SPARC

JVM : Oracle Hospot 1.7

App Server : WAS Server

However, is it possible to get details using Custom JMXes, Since I am able to browse those from "Create Measure". So my main question is:

Which Metric Should I used Esp. for Hung Thread and Active Thread in the given JMX browsers (Java.lang.Threading)?

Here is a screenshot:

Regards, Rajesh

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


could you try to look under the measures, server side performance/agent based measures/websphere/thread active count.

If it doesn't populate with data, PMI metrics might be turned off on your websphere server.



Oopa! Finally Found How to do it!!

Here is how to manually create measure if in case the DT agent fails to detect measure group:

Go to <Custom App> System profile -> Measures -> Click Create Measure -> Server Side Performace -> Agent Based Measure -> Here you will see list of Metric Group (e.g. WebSphere) -> Select Desired Metric -> Name it and Click Add.

Done, That's It !

Regards, Rajesh

Hello, Ok, Now There is a problem while changing the threshold. Whenever I try to make ANY changes this manual Metric like Name or Threshold, It gets unsubscribed and data stops coming into charts.

I think this is annoying bug.

Again, Found one annoying bug. The Manually created Measure keeps unsubscribing and the data stops being plotted in the charts whenever the agent gets disconnected and reconnected OR whenever any changes in the measure name or threshold are updated.

Can any one investigate this bug @Markus B. @Graeme W. @Osawa T.?