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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

WCF calls in AppMon


We have few WCF services on a shared app pool and in Dynatrace we are able to see only few service calls not all the service call . So I enabled all remoting sensors and gave 'active and start purepath ' to .Net WCf sensor .

Now our calls are getting displayed but with URI 'WCF://Invoke" . Why the actual service name is not getting displayed , we are expecting the purepath to be dispalyed as servicename.svc




I would try to remain active the .NET WCF (without start purepaths) and configure the .NET remoting sensor to active and start purepaths.

I used this config and works as expected (.svc purepaths)

PD: I have little experience on .NET monitoring! In any case, hope this solves your issue!

Thanks Arturo . I modified the sensors after that i was not able to get any purepath . It was 0 . So , i reverted the changes


NET Web Service is configured as active and start purepaths?

I have rechecked the config, and we don't have the NET WCF as active and start purepaths, just as active.

Could you share the nodes of one execution?

Maybe you could implement a workaround and add a class to the sensors, and define a BT that split over that methods...So will give you detailed info and metrics over each execution.

I created sensors for the Web methods and drill down to their purepath to look at the transactions . Since the URI is with 'WCF ://Invoke" , we are still not able to collectively look at our result in Web request / Web service / Remoting dashlet .

I know we can create measures to look at our results as a workaround . But we were hoping to see the service name in purepath