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Want o know 4xx errors for all URLs except few


Hi Team,

I have created a BT which excludes one URL containing "favicon.ico" and with response code 4xx. similarly i have created many BTs which excludes certain URLs having 4xx response code by using contains not. then I have added all those BTs to one BT and then I have charted it out. But there I could also find URLs with "favicon.ico". Now my problem is eventhough I have provided BT to exclude that why it is coming. PFA capture1.png capture.png @Patrick H. @Babar Q.

Even I have create measures in the same way as BTs and added all those measures to one BT and tried to chart it out. But this BT is not at all fetching any data. PFA capture2.png capture3.png




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You have a lot going on in those business transactions from what I can see in the screenshots but one thing that stands out is the lack of any severe thresholds on your filter measures which means they are not having any effect on the results. In most cases when I want to filter something out as you would like I will create the measure as I would if I wanted to include that item, so I would make a measure that matches with the contains or equals criteria. The difference is that instead of setting an upper severe threshold of 1 (which is what you would want to do if you wanted to include that item) set a lower severe threshold of 0 which means only purepaths that do not contain that measure thereby excluding them.

Also be aware that although in this case it may not apply, when you are doing filtering you are actually filtering PurePaths (or user actions, or visits depending on what type of BT it is) so if you filter out a web request you are actually filtering out any PurePath that contains that web request at any point not just the entry point.


Thanks James. Can you please explain it clearly. I could not get what you have explained. @Andreas G. @James K.

What piece is confusing?

By creating a measure around something like a web request and setting the lower severe threshold as 0 and using that in the filter, you are telling the business transaction to only include PurePaths that have zero occurrences of that web request within them which filters out PurePaths that have that web request.

Hi James,

I have followed as you told. But still am able to capture the URLs which I want to avoid from capturing. From screenshots you can see what measures I have added and what URLs are getting captured.

PFA1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

A couple things I would do is first switch your filters to the last aggregation which is normally the default, I'm not sure what behavior you'll get with count. But really I would start with just one of those filters while testing and validating since having so many will complicate things and once you get one working you can add the others back in. Maybe also try but setting up the BT as if you wanted to capture one (using an upper threshold of 1) and once you see only that showing up switching the threshold back to zero should be effective. There are a number of ways BTs can have results you don't expect if even minor configurations are off so simplifying it can help catch these.