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Want to create an incident for Application process Unavailable


I would like to know if there is any measure to check Application process availability. There is a predefined Incident "Application Process unavailable(unexpected)" but this cannot be modified and i cannot use it for specific process.

I saw the measure "Agent Availability" but not getting exact result. I set the threshold to Lower warning or severe and as soon as i apply, incident starts triggering. When i check the overview, application show active. So i am bit confused if i am doing anything wrong here.



I think I'm looking for something similar - an incident for a specific application so that I can notify the just the appropriate people (the application owners). Please let me know if there's a better way of doing this.


Hello Chiranjit and Jason,

You could try using a monitor to ping the url and port of your application if it is a web app to see what response code you get back. Then if your monitor gets a 4xx or 5xx response you could throw an alert.

Hope that helps,

David Nicholls