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Warning Dynatrace Correlation log : Executor/Thread tagging


Our correlation log is filled with below warning:

The path is completed and removed from ExecPathbuffer. It's likely that there is a problem with Executor/Thread tagging

Any idea on what could be the issues, or it a know issue?

We also see lot of purepath duration same as the max purepath age.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Sreerag,

This may be caused when an endless (worker) thread is instrumented. As the run method never terminates the PurePath can be corrupt or (depending on the custom sensor rules) a huge amount of nodes is generated. To remove this, the endless thread has to be identified and excluded from instrumentation.



I see what you are suggesting however we dont have any custom sensors on these agent. its hard to believe the out-of-the-box thread sensor is causing the issue.

Hi Sreerag,

Of course this can be caused by OOTB sensor packs, because dT has rules for super classes/interfaces (e.g., so if there is a derived class which implements an endless loop, it will be instrumented.


In addition to what Harry already said:

easiest way to figure out if this is the root-cause is to unplace (or disable) the "Thread Tagging Sensor" - in case of unplacing a restart of the agents is required then.
if this does not help it's also worth trying to unplace/disable the "Executor Tagging Sensor".


I wish i could try that because it is occurring in our prod dynatrace, I will try these option in non-prod and see the result.

The tagging sensor is there for a reason so unplacing might solve this issue but question is any good data will be lost or not.

actually we already had discussions if we should disable the thread tagging sensor per default, because it's causing problems with long running threads pretty often.

and nowadays one might think that threading via Thread.start() is something that nobody uses any longer, in favor of already available thread pool implementations.

however, so far we were not bold enough to really change the default here. 🙂

I have raised a support case as most of our purepaths in production are timing out , I have to do something to bring it to normal state.