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Wcf as a windows service webcalls into business transaction



When i like to create a business transaction (hotspot) which traces http wcf webcalls then i have not issues

--> Create filter (web request uri pattern)

--> Add results

--> Add aplication


We have also a wcf as a windows service with tcp binding (wcf wecalls but over tcp protocol)

Here i cannot find out how to filter on these webcalls,


This is a wcf web request (drill down on purepaths), how can i filter such a request? for http i see a '..... /xxx/service.svc', easy to filter one.



Ps: some time ago, with jeroenH we could not trace these kind of data into 'manage applications', http webcalls was not a problem,




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Steven

Any chance you can export one of these purepaths and attach it? If you click on the details of the Invoke node you should see some context data such as the WCF Service Name. You should then be able to create measures that extract the Service Name to be used for your Business Transactions.

As for applications. This concept in the moment "only" works for HTTP Based PurePaths where we look at the HOST Header of the incoming request and use that to assign to an application. This concept is not yet applicable for non http-based PurePaths


Regarding to this issue...Is anyway to split the purepaths based on the remot objet invoked?

At the end the svc could be the same to perform different operations...

Thanks in advance