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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

We have installed Datapower Monitoring plugin and we are unable to get availability matrix (Host Reachable) and HTTP Connections /Transactions. Please help us to resolve this issue.



Hello Supriya,

For the Datapower plugin, you have to ensure that the credentials that you are using have the necessary permissions to access and pull metrics from the Datapower. You also need to confirm that your collector can access the Datapower via the network.

Could you confirm those things?

You can also check the collector logs to see if any errors were entered regarding the plugin.


David Nicholls

Hi David,

We are able to receive CPU Usage, Memory Usage, System Load, TCP connections but other than these measures we are not getting any data for other measures for eg HTTP Connections, HTTP Transactions, Availability Matrix. Can you tell me do we need to enable any settings or any other changes in datapower to get data for other measures?



Hello Supriya,

Yes you will have to enable those stats so the plugin can pick them up. This should be the process to enable what you need:

Log on to the DataPower WEB GUI, then go to

Objects-->System–>Statistic settings. You can enable Statistics from there.


David Nicholls

Hi David,,

We have already enabled the statistics setting. And we are getting data for CPU Usage, Memory Usage, System Usage, TCP connections, File System Status & Ethernet Interface Status.

We are not getting data for HTTP Transactions & HTTP mean Transaction time. Can you please tell me is there any other settings that needs to be enabled so that we can get these data as well?

Also we are not getting any logs in DT server for Datapower Monitoring plugin?

We have also enabled the Log level as Finer by log on to

Dynatrace Server --> Plugin --> Datapower Plugin Properties

and changed the setting of log level to finer.


Supriya Kamble.

Hello Supriya,

I don't believe that there are additional statistics that you need to enable. I know this is back to basics, but it is worth checking, in the monitor settings, there is a measure section, can you confirm that the http measures are checked?

Also, the logs for the monitor should show up in the collector logs.


David Nicholls