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We would like to use the Web UI dashboards for executive use


We are setting up a series of Web UI dashboards for our executives to keep up to date on several Dashboards that we've created to provide overall web site information to them. But they do not like using the default URLs for the web UI pages i.e. dynapserv1:9911 they would like an a simpler name even if it just didn't have the port number.

Is there any way, other than we use redirection from another web server to do this within the Dynatrace server?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In server settings -> services -> Dynatrace Web you can change the ports used for the Web UI. I just tried on our dev server as we are also attempting to make this interface friendlier but there was a startup error that looks like a permissions issue using the 'default' https and http ports. If you can make that change though when you navigate to the correct port (which should be filled in by the browser automatically if they are left blank to 443 or 80) then it will redirect to the /index.jsp page.

That might be worth a shot,

EDIT: looks like this explains the permissions issue: