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Web Dashboard 6.3 Plotted Series Limit?


I was trying to use the web dashboards in 6.3 and noticed I was frequently hitting a limit in # of series possible on a chart ( shown in an info message at the top of the chart )

I could not find any mention of this limit in the forum so thought I would ask if this is something that is being worked on or not.

A limit of 20 series per chart is not very usable in our environment. We would be looking for a limit more like 200+





Yes, there is a limit.

Just out of interest: how would you plot 200+ measures on a chart so that it's still meaningful & visible?

Certified Dynatrace Master, Dynatrace Partner -

We very commonly will chart series such as this to see trends over time just to mention one of many such use cases.

Here is a chart with 617 series. Without the ability to do such things are severely limiting.

Yes I can see your point. I can suggest to create an post/RFE in the product ideas forum to allow that.

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