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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Web Dashboard "Measure" chart tile Discrepancy

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

The measure of purepath response time for Accounts Receivable has an upper threshold of 3s. When charting the average on a measure tile, which is below 3s, the text of the chart is turning red, when it should be green.

Why is the text red when the average of the measure is below the severe threshold?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


I believe it does that because the threshold was violated at some point in the overall dashboard timeframe, not necessarily the average throughout. If you shorten the chart data to the last fifteen minutes, does it switch to green in that instance?

Hey Andy,

Yes, you're definitely right. When I shift the timeframe, and there is no point that violates the threshold, the text stays green.

Hi Eric,

you could also use the setting "Focus on the most actual value", which would also only turn the number red, if the value exceeds the threshold right now. The behavior is the consistent across all tiles as well as dashlets in the rich client. As soon as the threshold was exceeded in the selected timeframe, the value turns red.

Hi Peter, using this setting, unfortunately will not provide the needed number for "Overall Average over the Dashboard Time" metric that the client requests. Instead of using this type of chart, I will need to use the Incident chart to signal the breach of an SLA true average.

Hi Eric,

got it. The incident dashlet will behave that way. Just to make sure i recreated your usecase yesterday and both the measure chart in the web dashboards as well as the traffic light or text and measurement in the rich client behave the same - showing up red in case the threshold was exceeded once in the selected timeframe.


I also get similar thing, I get colors Green, Amber and Red which is not matching the warning and severe threshold I have set.

As suggested by Andy, I tried changing the timelines and resolutions and behaving same way as not as per my threshold defined.

Eric - If you have already have clarity on it, you would mind explaining it to me.

Hi Darshan,

The chart will change color, if, at any point in the timeframe of the chart, any data point of the charted measure exceeds the thresholds that you configured for that measure.

Example: You are charting average PurePath response time over the past 1 hour with a data resolution of 5 minutes("Focus on the most actual value" option). The severe threshold is set at 3.00s. Even though the chart displays 1s(the average of alll 5 minute interval data points), there was a point within the charted timeframe, that the 5 minute average was 3s. This single data point on the chart changed the color of the chart to red, even though the true average of all data points was less than the threshold. Every data point on the chart is evaluated against the thresholds of that measure in these traffic light status charts. I would recommend incorporating your measure into an incident rule, and using the incident chart to evaluate on the desired timeframe and threshold conditions.

I hope this helps,


Thanks you Eric for detailing. I got it now and makes sense to me 🙂