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Web Request Filter stopped Working in Business Transaction


Hello, everyone.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I've been looking how to solve this problem for many days and I still cannot find an answer.

I'm having a little bit of trouble getting data in some Business Transactions. For the last couple of months the business transactions have been working correctly, but since last friday some of them stopped getting data.

The business transactions are user action business transactions and have a filter for a specific URL. The filter is the following:

I just follow the path and specify the query of each Business Transaction. That is the only filter in the Business Transaction. This filter used to work and also map the web requests with their respective application. When I put the Business Transaction in my dashboard it is without any splitting.

As I said, some of the Business Transactions stopped getting data while others kept getting data without a problem.

At first I thought that the problem was that the web requests or the user actions were not captured, but that is not the case. The Web requests and user actions are still being captured, but not associated with their respective Business Transactions anymore.

Example of the web requests and User actions of a Business transaction that does not capture any data now but used to. These web requests and User actions can be seen in the respective independent dashboards of the system profile.

The only hint that I have is that right now the user actions are captured in 'click on "X"' and then in a subsection or inner user action inside of that one The name of that inner user action is '/path/something/something/' and it changes according to the path of each Business Tranaction. Also the name of the user actions now is "click on "Something"". In the past the user actions were not inside that 'click on "X"' set, but only in the one with the name of the path of the URL, and their name used to be "Loading of page /path/something/something".

I have to admit that I am completely lost and don't know what to do. I tried changing the aggegation of the filter, adding a new filter for the user actions (which ended only capturing one user action even if I generated many visits) and combining filters.

Sorry if the explanation of the problem is messy, I will gladly clarify any point. Thanks.

David L.