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Web Request Response time analysis

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


I have instrumented a .NET application with IIS front end.

Recently they are getting complaints from users of pages timing out. dT did confirm the timed out purepaths. From all the purepaths, I am seeing majority of the time at the Web Server Tier, 


From above highlighted purepath, the handover from Web to .NET was done after 1.25ms of elapsed time, then why does dT show major time on Web tier. Another example is the timed out purepath below, where the response time is 10 mins and transaction flow shows 100% time on Web tier. But from the purepath tree, looking at the elapsed time, after 1.38ms Web Server agent handed the process to .NET.

I am attaching a session file, if anyone can guide me in the right direction, where the problem is. Web or .NET.






This does seem strange. I currently do not have any IIS/.NET environments to work with at my client. However, when adding the "Exec [ ms]" metric to the PurePath tree you can see that dT is reporting the majority of the time for your calls are actually spent within the request to the .NET application. However, this doesn't appear to be the case with your PurePaths. It seems as though the agent is not stopping the timer when the initial socket connect response is received from the .NET app. I would open a support ticket and see if they need you to turn on deeper level logging for the agent and capture a session then.