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Web Server Master Agent Can't Be Started Remotely Using Client after Upgrade from 6.5 to 7.0

Just asking this out of curiosity, I thought ever since version 6.5 and above the agent would has this capability?

I just upgraded both server and collector AppMon version 7, but in the agent overview when I right click, the 'restart agent' option is grey out.

I've tried restart both collector and server in any order. Still the same.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Wai,

this works for me. It also requires a certain agent version. Which version and bootstrap version does the agent in question have?

Best regards,


Hi Thomas,

The agent version is 6.5, while the bootstrap version is 6.1.


Wai Keat

From my findings:

To be able restart the webserver master agent, you need:

  • a bootstrap agent >= 6.2

for a host agent, you need:

  • a bootstrap agent >= 5.5

for a zRemoteAgent:

  • a normal agent >= 6.5

For any of these agents, you also need:

  • Permissions to restart agents
  • A client >= 6.2
  • The agent has to be bootstrapped in general
  • Must not be a subagent
  • Must be a classic agent

So in your specific case, you need to upgrade the bootstrap version.

Best regards,


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the clarification.