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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Webavailabilty Incident not working


I have choosen the Webavailabilty Incident with upper severe 100%.

Does we have configured it correcly .So that when ever our webserver is down we will get alert.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The way that is configured, you will pretty much never be out of violation. If you set it as an upper severe threshold of 100% it is saying this incident occurs anytime availability is at 100% or lower which is probably not what you want.

If you want an alert when the monitors are returning 0% for availability then you would set it as a lower severe threshold of 0%. You can also set some number in between such as 25% or 50% if you want a quicker alert.

Also I would change the aggregation you are using to something like min, max, or average depending on the behavior you want for when the incident occurs. I'm not even sure if count will work at all in your case as count is looking at the number of PurePaths that went into creating that measure which would not be appropriate.

Finally, you didn't post this so make you sure that you have an alert action set up if you actually want to be notified when the incident occurs. This is done in the 'actions' tab and you can select something like the email action (make sure smart alerting is off).

What I would do is set your monitor to run every minute and keep the 5 minute evaluation window you have. Then I would set the thresholds as a lower severe of 0% with a 'maximum' aggregation. This will result in the incident not triggering until there has been an entire 5 minutes where the monitor reports 0% availability as opposed to triggering any time there might be a blip or short outage resulting in a failure.


hi James,

Actually want we want is where ever our webserver are down we need an alert.We created an incident and set the lower threshold to 0%.with aggreation as maximum.But in incident dashboard we see this.It is running which has start time but not end time.

Also in the Incident description we are getting measured peak value 0 always .

Below is the config setting .

It doesn't have an end time because it is still ongoing based on the configuration. What is the monitor returning? Can you post the results of one of the runs or a chart showing the availability measure?

Based on the incident message your monitor is returning 0% availability so the first step is to resolve this.

We want alerts when our web server which is hosting
our application is down.Also in the incident dashboard we want to see
the incident only web server is down.

So we created an incident and choosed the measure (availability monitor)

When we go to monitor in our profile.And run we get thelast test run incomplete.


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Is there any reason you need to use the availability monitor? There is a built in Dynatrace supported URL Monitor that would suit the needs for checking if a web server is up and will likely be simpler and a better option in the long term.

That one is older and I know others have experienced issues with it, and it likely is not updated very much as well.


Can you please help me to configure it .

And can i also use it as Incident in Incident dashboard.

Here is some documentation on this monitor that explains all of the fields.

You should define a path on those servers that can be checked to verify the web server is up. You can change the port and protocol to whatever is appropriate if 80 is closed. Once configured it will assemble all of what you configured into a complete url that it will check so you don't need to entire the entire url in the path field, only the part after the backslash.

You need to decide if you want to alert on the host availability, the response code the request gets, or some content on the page (ContentVerified) and define the incident accordingly. And as all incidents are treated the same you can use this in any dashboards, I'm not sure what exactly you have in mind.

Start with just getting successful measures from the monitor before moving on to the incident.


Thanks James .I will figure it out.


Also the port 80 is closed in webserver .