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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Webmethods and JMX support


Hello everyone. We have a Webmethods integration server v9.8 at our client and we are trying to get information about each individual thread pool usage, because currently the agent returns the total of all thread pools.

When creating a custom JMX measure, there was not a lot of MBeans available, so we had the client check for the JMX MBean configuration screen in case it we simply needed to expose additional MBeans to be made available via JMX, but no such screen was found.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Does a configuration section exist in Webmethods to expose additional MBeans or do we have to develop some custom MBeans to extract this information. If option 2 is
required, they want to know if they need to develop an individual MBean for
each thread pool, or a single generic one for all of them.

Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks!



did you ever get a solution for this


In the mean time, one of the Webmethods developpers has created some jmx-beans to read out the thread pool information. Untill now, we did not find a solution to have a generic configuration, but at least, by configuring a measure when a new feature/module is installed, we are able to follow up the threading in detail.
As soon as the Mbeans are activated, they are visible as custom JMX measure. Had some trial and error to find correct signature, but now all works fine.