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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Websphere Thread Pool stats



I have few batch processes running in Websphere App Server, managed by a Thread pool. i'm trying to create a dashboard which shows the stats of these processes . Would like to capture number of threads executed, time taken, any hung threads, errors etc. I tried Active Thread Count under Agent Based Measures--> Websphere. It dint help. It is not showing any count when i add the Thread name under Module Path(I deleted the default "threadPoolModule"). Anyone tried this?




Hi Harin,

Use the measures present in the : Server Side Performance -> Agent Based Measures -> WebSphere. There select measures as follows:

1. hung threads: Select Measure called : Declared Thread Hung Count

2. Active Threads: Select measure- Active Thread Count

Also you can browse custom JMX metrics by going into

1. Custom System Profiile Double Click -> Measures

2. Click Create Measure..

3. Server Side Performance -> Agent Based Measures -> Custom JMX

4. Click Browse Metrics, click okay

5. Pick the WAS agent

6. This will fetch list of JMX Metrics, select appropriate metrics.

If you aren't sure what to choose, Refer the respective Documentation of the Application Server (WAS, WebLogic, JBoss) for supported JMXes.

Also, If metrics are not appearing, try having the trick I did here.

Also for Future reference, Unfortunately, JBoss does not support such nice metrics like WAS, look here why.

Regards, Rajesh


HI @Rajesh S.,

Thanks for your response. I used "Custom PMI measure" under Websphere Agent based measures to get these values since it allowed me to browse to the agent, select the Alarm pool and get the metrics. I could get everything except Thread Active Time. I tried both "Custom PMI measure" and "Custom PMI Time measure", but didn't help.