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Webstart not working after upgrade to 6.5


Hello All,

My Webstart is no longer working after upgrading from 6.2 to 6.5. I have doubled checked the settings and they are all the same. Any idea what could be happening?


Hi Annmarie,

Are you getting a specific error message or does just nothing happen when use the web start link?

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Check the Java version. Java 8?



Hi Dan,

I am seeing a "err_connection_reset" error. Please see attached screenshot.... apologies if there is an obvious answer to this!

This looks like a connectivity issue. Are you able to ping the dynatrace server? If so are you launching the webstart client from a bookmark?

I am able to Ping the internal IP, but not the external IP. Our Splunk instance lives on Port 80 for our external IP and I am having no issues connecting to that.

Try going to https://<dynaTrace Server>:8021/

If that doesn't work do you have access to the fat client? If so, check and make sure the the Webstart client and Web Server are enabled by going to Settings > dynaTrace Server > Services > Management | Webstart

If that doesn't work, are you able to log onto the server directly? If you can try logging in, launching a browser, and going to http://localhost:8021/ if you can access that then I believe the issue must be network related.

I saw the same problem today at a client after doing an upgrade. Strange thing is that their test environment doesn't have this problem, only the prod one.

There are a number of warnings and exceptions in the log, one of them this one:

Could not initialize class org.glassfish.jersey.internal.ServiceFinder

Neither the Web Dashboards (default port 9911) and the web UI (port 8020/8021) loads. The settings for these are enabled. Neither http://localhost:8020 nor http://server_ip:8020 works, so it's not a connection issue in this case.

The normal 'fat' Client works fine.

Hi Andre,

Which log file are you looking at to see this exception? I'm curious if I am seeing the same.

Hi Annmarie, I see the exceptions in the Server.0.0.log file.

I checked my dT installation (Test Edition license) on my laptop as well as the client's Test Edition environment, and I do see port 9911 in the FrontendServer log:

WebUI started successfully on HTTPS port 9911

...yet I never see that in my client's broken Production Edition environment.

I've logged a support ticket for this, I'll update here as I receive feedback.

Thanks Andre!

Hi Annmarie, my problem turned out to be related to a plugin which is used in Prod but not in Test, hence the difference.

The plugin didn't load correctly, so after reinstalling it and restarting the dT Server, all's back to normal again 🙂



Actually, I just checked and my test environment is working, so my issue is the same as yours.