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What are the conditions of Frustrated Visits in Visits Dashboard under User Experience?


Hi Team,

We have installed ADK for Android and iOS for our Hybrid App and when am are trying to check the crashes in Visits dashboard am able to see in one Region server and missing in another Region Server. I would like to know how these conditions are defined for the frustrated visits?

Please fidn teh below screen shot of Visits dashboard which shows the Frustrated Visits when Crash Occured Scenario in one server.





Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Chetan,

A visit is considered "frustrating" if:-

  • Their last action failed ("The Web site does not work - I'm leaving!")
  • Their last action was frustrated ("The Web site is too slow - I'm leaving!")
  • More than 50% of all actions were frustrating

You can find more info here ->

Additionally, you can change some of these conditions by going into the User Experience tab on your System Profile and adjusting the User Experience Index. Posted a screenshot of what I'm referring to.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ari,

Thanks for your Post.

I have checked the settings in User Experience in both the servers and they are same. But am not sure why am not able to see the scenario Frustrated : There was a crash in the last action of this visit ?

Is there something else am missing here?



That is because the last action of the visit was a crash which means it was 'frustrating'. If you notice the qualifications, one of them says if the last action of the visit is frustrating, the visit is deemed frustrating.

Thanks Ari.

But not sure why it's not reporting the Crashes even though we have crashes.



It is reporting the crash, that's why the action is frustrated. Expand on the arrow, find the last action of the visit and then right click -> click on details, you will see the Crash Report.