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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

What is GlobalAgentTime and virtualAgentTime?


Hi all,

I'm investigating some issues with older versions of AppMon.

( )

I found some agent time sync problem logs in Server.0.0.log like the followings.

2019-09-12 21:00:41 WARNING [CollectorCenter] * Old global agent time: 1568289625557(=Thu Sep 12 21:00:25 JST 2019) -> new GlobalAgentTime: 1568277840929 (=Thu Sep 12 17:44:00 JST 2019), current virtual agent times (might be slightly different):

2019-09-12 21:00:41 WARNING [CollectorCenter] Virtual Agent Time of affected agents from collector: <Collector Name>, total connected Agents: 10

2019-09-12 21:00:41 WARNING [CollectorCenter] Agent: <Agent Name>:27111, techtype = Web Server, diff = 7,402,965ms: virtualAgentTime: 1568282238729(=Thu Sep 12 18:57:18 JST 2019), tickCountAge = 3,029ms, tickCount = 171788201363705249


What is GlobalAgentTime and virtualAgentTime?
Does GlobalAgentTime mean AppMon Server side time for time sync with agent side?
Does virtualAgentTime mean Agent time collected on AppMon Server?

Why the virtualAgentTime was set past time?

Best Regards,
Yasuo Ohnishi.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

In general server time that you have on your agent may be different than collector time. Collector gathers transaction from multiple agents and need to correlate than and combine pure paths. This means that all components needs to synchronise from time to time. Question is about how your local time is configured on those server? DT is using UTC for transactions.


Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your comment!

My question is not regional time difference. JST is +9 of UTC. So this time is not same of GAT and VAT.

The log say the follwoings.

- Server time is "2019-09-12 21:00:41" <- Timestamp of Log

- Old global agent time is "Sep 12 21:00:25 JST 2019"

- New global agent time is "Sep 12 17:44:00 JST 2019 " ( - 3 hours and 16 min)

- virtualAgentTime is "Sep 12 18:57:18 JST 2019 " ( + 1 hour and 13 min)

So What are global agent time and virtual agent time?

Best Regards,

Yasuo Ohnishi

I have no idea to be sure about such differences.