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What is a visit tag? Is is possible that UEM does not report /Record VIsit tag for a User action in UEM?

I am seeing almost 50 user actions (out of ~1000) which does not have a visit tag (tagged to User ID) is encountering to user frustration.

Is it possible that UEM does not report user action without Visit tag? If so, and is configuration issues, could someone help me how I can fix this?



Hello Girish,

A visit tag is a specially configured measure, which you can use to mark a certain visit. When the threshold of the measure triggers, the measure value is assigned to the visit.

The tag is set only once per visit, so once a valid tag value is determined, it does not change with the re-occurrence of the measure.

You can configure any number of visit tags, but one tag must be configured to act as the primary visit tag. It is displayed in the visit name, and in the Visit tag column of the Visits dashlet and the Visits web view.

There is also a need to understand the Bounce Rate which shows the percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave (bounce), rather than continue to view other pages.