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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

What is the Best Practice to Move an application and all of its components from One DynaTrace Environment to another?


We are new to DynaTrace and have been building applications in a "Pre-Production" environment and soon we need to move these same application into Production. I have been scouring the community to find how people are handling this but have not seen anything but an RFE to be able to do this within the DynaTrace tool.

I know there has to be people out there doing this but just can't really find anything. I have access to the server from a command line standpoint, so I could put scripts together to handle some of this, but I just don't know where to start. Any help would be beneficial. We are currently at 6.2.5 of DynaTrace and planning to upgrade to 6.3 Shortly.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Terry,

If your Production server is freshly installed, you can perform a migration of all the data to the new system following the upgrade/migration guide.

The only important bit will be the license.


That is an option, however our Production Environment isn't a fresh install. We had to put an Application straight into the Prod environment because of issues that needed identified immediately. Also, that will not help me with the next Application that I would need to move from Pre-Prod, and we are trying to Document a process for Migration to Production.

I appreciate the reply.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hey Terry,

For our installations, we have been simply copy/pasting dashboards, metrics, agent groups, etc. from one environment to the next. You can have 2 Dynatrace Clients open at the same time to make this process easier. While we looked into doing it through scripts, we liked manually copying it as it gave us the opportunity to evaluate the environment to ensure that unnecessary dashboards and metrics were not being copied over from non-prod and allowed us to clean up our non-prod environments. Many of the configs are available in XML on the Dynatrace server so scripting is possible, but please take caution in editing these XMLs as it could break some of your configs. Best practice would probably be to take a backup with the migration tool before any copying/editing to ensure nothing breaks.


We try to use same configuration for profiles in all our dynatrace environment starting from dev ->-test->perf->prod. This helps us create a new setting change in dev dynatrace and promote it to production. Now we have additional sensors in lower environments but we manage they by using profile configurations and activate the configuration that suits the environment.



Hey guys,

so apart from copy paste dashboards and measures by opening 2 consoles from DEV dynatrace to PROD Dynatrace.

Is there a better automated way to do so?
We are trying to find out a best possible alternative to create dashboards/measures in lower environments and promote to higher environment without any manual involvement.

Any pointers will be useful.