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What is the appropriate aggregation for Concurrent Visits?


Hello, We want to know number of active visits on an application for in order to come up with some rough figure for the number of users actively using website (for a load testing activity).

Can use the Concurrent Visit count measure. The default aggregation is MAX and I can see nice trend chart as well. However, I am not sure if this should be aggregated average OR count.

BTW, aggregation of count or average on this metric produced a flat 0-line. (does this mean invalid data or aggregation). Please suggest if Max is good to use for this metric.



Here is snapshot with different aggregation:

Max is likely the most useful aggregation for this metric type as it will show you basically the worst case scenario for number of users at any given time which is most useful when making sizing decisions or resource commitment to an application.

As for Count being a straight line, the reason is that that is actually showing you how many times a measurement was taken in a given interval (which is almost always 6 times a minute). This aggregation time is usually not useful and is captured mainly since AppMon needs it to help calculate the Average value for an interval.

If you need more information about how measure aggregations are defined, there is a full description here: