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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

What is the difference between Mobile App Crashes and Crash Count Measures?


Hi Team,

Can someone explain me what's the difference between these two measures available under User Experience Management.dt-crashes-measures.png

Mobile App Crashes measure available under User Action health and Crash Count is available under Visits.

When i create charts with these two available measures i can see that Crash Count measures is reporting high crashes than Mobile App crashes measure.




Hi Chetan,

The Mobile App Crashes measure "Represents the number of mobile errors or crashes".

The Crash Rate measure "Represents the percentage of visits with a crashed action".

Hope this clears things up,

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply!

But am looking about the Crash Count measure not the rate one. I assume it gives the count of visits with a crashed action. But i was wondering why the count number when i use this measure is higher than the count when i use the measure Mobile App Crashes.

Please find the attachment of the screen shot showing the charts created for both the measures. diff-crash-measures.png



I see... What version of AppMon are you using?

Hi Dan,

We are using v6.5.5



The documentation defines Crash Count as "Represents the number of visits with a crashed action". So my thought is that the Crash Count is including non-mobile traffic. Have you tried to drill down to the Errors dashlet from each of those measures and seeing what the difference is?

Yes Dan.

In Errors dashlet it has same info from both the measures and the numbers matches there. But am curoius why the Count is not matching. But any idea why Crash Count includes non-mobile traffic. Since we have 200% more traffic from desktop when compared to apps i think that much load might not be adding only small increase in the crash numbers of Crash Count right ?




If drilling down to errors from each chart provides the same exact results but the measures themselves are different then that sounds like a bug to me. I would put in a support ticket in this case.

Thanks Dan!

Raised a support ticket for the same.

Hi Mallempati,

Did you find the solution why this count mismatch happens!!

Tried in my environment also, same issue am also facing..Your solution will help me too!!


Soorya Mohan