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What is the difference between Response Time and Server Contribution time when we check the visits?


When I check the visits by User Experience and select a specific user, I can see all his actions with Response time, server contribution. We see a lot of difference between these 2 when the user is frustrated. Even though server contribution is very less, total response time is very high. We would like to know how dynatrace is capturing the Response time, and what does it exactly means? Does it mean, the time taken to upload the page? Please let me know your views on this.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This is from the documentation regarding response time:

The duration of a user action is called response time. It represents the time that the user waits until it is possible to continue with the use case. This means a low response time is better than a high one.

The server contribution would refer to the amount of time that can be contributed to the web server and backend processing in fulfilling that request. The rest of the response time can be attributed to things like actually transferring the data to the end user. This is why the response time should always be higher than the server contribution time.




So to be sure, if for example response time is 20 seconds and server contribution is 2 seconds and network contribution is less than 1 second, the remaining (aprox. 17 seconds) should be something happening on the user/desktop side, correct?

Yes that would normally be the case I believe. I would keep in mind that network time is calculated in UEM by passing a small file back and forth several times so it is best as a way to see if a user's connection is contributing significantly to response time as opposed to an exact number. Time not captured in any of these can be things like client processing, javascript execution and anything else on the client side.



We have vist that do have response times but Server Contribution is NULL eans there are no values at all. Our question is following: what is reason why there are no Server Contribution measurements.


Because, there are no server contribution.

Example : a click action called a JS to hide/unhide a div

Sometimes, actions doesn't link with a web request so server contribution is null.