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What is the difference between Transactions /second & Transactions/Second (RTA) in self monitoring ?How to get avg number of nodes per transaction ?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Not sure on the first question. May be that the RTA one is looking at transactions that reach the analyzer, whereas the other is only looking at ones that are fully analyzed (not skipped for some reason in the analyzer) but that is just guess for now.

For the nodes per transaction you can use the measure PurePath Length with the avg aggregation.


Thanks James!!

I am trying to estimate the sizing for SaaS environment --> On Prem with current information.

When i do an avg aggregation with the measure of Purepath length for obtaining MPS, it is going beyond hundred where the sizing calculator is giving "NO SIZING".

So wanted to check back again?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I would love it if someone from the lab could weigh in on the "PurePath Length" measure. Based on the description ("Average Subpath Length"), I think it is the average nodes per agent group and not the total node count of the full PurePath. It seems much smaller than the PurePath Node Count measure, based on starting up EasyTravel after creating the PurePath Node Count and comparing a chart of it to the PurePath Length measure (both with aggregation of "Max").

For accurate sizing, I am still unclear what is the best measure to use. It would be ideal if we could get one from the Self-Monitoring system profile. But I have been hard pressed to find a good way other than creating the PurePath Node Count for every system profile, which is often not very unrealistic.