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What is the difference between User Action and Page Action in UEM?


search and didn't find the topic be touched upon.

What is the difference between User Action and Page Action in UEM?

I was told that they are same, but I disagree with it.

User Action at least includes the four types, click, scroll, touch, and page load(_load_), and Page Action is _load_ only. I assume Page action is the loading page from browser uri by either manual enter url or click in google search result or email campaign. In nature they cann't be the same.

I created BT for each type of user actions, total 4 BT. I find their performance looks the same. But in reality click, scroll, touch are all faster than page load, especially those native actions which may not trigger http call which take just a few ten or few hundreds of ms.Drilling down to User Action Purepath, it is very clear or just a clear pattern that non page load take little time and page load take longest time. Hence I cast doubt that measurement accuracy in User Action

I tried to create BT for the type of actions in User Action PurePath, but default measurement does not provide measure for User Action PurePath.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Historically we called User Actions Page Actions. Now we are on User Actions. So - there are still some places in the product where we use the old and the new name. I understand that this is a bit confusing. Key takeaway is that they are basically the same thing

Hope this makes it a bit easier to understand what you see in the product