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What is the difference between WebService and WebRequest dashlet in dT.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Update Sept 2020 as these links have been way outdated (original post was in 2014!)

Web Requests shows ALL HTTP-based Web Requests dynaTrace picks up through Servlet, ASP.NET, Web Server and the Java & .NET Web Request Sensor Packs.

Web Services are those that are picked up specifically from our Web Service Sensor Packs, e.g: when your application uses AXIS to make a SOAP Web Service calls.

Check out the following two pages in the doc that give you more details on these two dashlets:

You can find all dashlet links here:

The links are not valid anymore. Can you pls update? Thanks.

HI. I updated the links to point to the most recent AppMon documentation.