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What means the "[1]" symbol in agents overview

I made a search for the last 30 minutes in Agents Overview and i saw the "[1]" symbol next to the Agent name so i can't understand what it is and the time of that agent doens't represent last 30 minutes search.

I suppose that the "[1]" symbol represents the disconnected status occur of Agent but the time doesn't on the last 30 minutes.

please see the image.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


The "[1]" is an index number that is appended to your agent string. This is appended when the AppMon product detects more than one agent using the same name.

Also note that one of your agents shows a red circle with a line thru it in the status field. This indicates that agent is not online and the associated monitored process likely terminated unexpectedly without a clean shutdown.

The red status agent will go away after AppMon realizes that it's not coming back. There's no action for you to remove it.

Some documentation we added around this:

That indexing can be turned off through a debug flag - sometimes during restarts it can see the same agent as a new connection leading to the index which isn't desired normally.


@Heloisa Bueno R. to get rid of this one just shut down the host server and and start