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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

What should be the value of Threshold for ContentVerified measure to trigger an email alert when content match of URL is not found


What should be the value of Threshold for ContentVerified measure to trigger an email alert when content match of URL is not found?

I have created URL monitor which is working fine. Now I am creating incident rule to send an email alert when content match is not found. I am trying to Measure ContentVerified which has following description:

If the content could be verified, the measure will yield 1, otherwise 0.

But what should be the threshold values for Upper Severe to trigger an alert?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

There shouldn't be any upper severe threshold set, you'll only need to set the lower severe threshold as zero, then any run of the monitor where that content is not found it will return a value of zero and the incident will trigger.


Exactly as James K. said. Here is a screenshot if you're a visual learner like me:


I am still not getting an email alert. see my screenshots which has the details about the incident, monitor and measure settings. In the incident, I have configured an email alert

In your monitor results you can see that it returned a null for content verified since the connection timed out. Host reachable returned a 0 though, so you should add the host reachable measure with a lower threshold of 0 and OR logic with the existing measure to catch scenarios where it can't communicate with the host at all.

so instead of checking a measure, is there a way to configure the incident rule to send the alert when the Last Run Result of the monitor is incomplete? see the attached screenshotlast-run-result.png

No, incidents can only be based off of the returned measures from monitors. My standard practice is for something like this to have the host reachable measure OR the http status code (or content verified if you prefer) to trigger incidents. This should catch any scenario where there is an issue.

so what should be the threshold value of http status code measure? Can I enforce both the measures i.e. ContentVerified and HttpStatusCode to incident so that it can trigger an alert when one or both measures crosses the threshold?

I set an upper severe threshold of 201 for the http status code as anything above 200 may be an issue. Yes if you add both measures with OR logic between them it will trigger if either measure has a threshold violation:

Sorry, I missed to update this post. The settings are working for me now. Thanks for your help!