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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

What the data volume the ADK Agent send to Web Server?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello David,


The overhead depends on the instrumentation that you put into your app. It consists of:

  • Data traffic to the server
  • Memory usage
  • Execution time of the action in the app

All three factors mainly depend on the number of nodes that your instrumentation is about to produce.

For example: a User Action PurePath shows that an action consists of 10 nodes: a root node and 9 subnodes.

  • For each of these nodes, we have to send the action name and the start and end timestamp to the server, about 150 bytes per node:
    10 *150 = 1500 bytes to the server
  • As we send the data in specified time intervals, we have to store them in memory or in the database of the device.
    For example, if the interval is 2 minutes and the user executes 20 actions, we have to store 20 * 1500 bytes = ~30 KB on the device.

Creating user actions consumes time as well, on average 6 milliseconds per node on Androidand 12 milliseconds per node on iOS. This is the time that we add to a user action.

Normal user actions consist of less than 10 nodes per action, so overhead should be less than in this example.




Thanks Babar!

David Renjiffo

Systems Engineer - Agility Networks - Brazil - São Paulo