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What type of errors are captured under 'Important Loggings' and 'Unhandles Inter-Tier Exceptions'


Hi Team,

What kind of errors will be under 'Important Loggings' and 'Unhandles Inter-Tier Exceptions'.

We are not able to see the errors which were captured in Dynatrace in the logs of the webservers. Can you please explain us why and what are those errors?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Take a look at this piece of documentation which details the default rules and how you can change them if needed:


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Praveena,

For Important Loggings, anything which has the log level of '(ERROR.*|Error.*|FATAL.*|SEVERE.*)' is considered an important log. Is it possible that you may not be capturing one of these in the webservers which is why it is missing there?

And 'Unhandled Inter-Tier Exceptions' occur when there is an unhandled exception while calling a different tier in your application flow so it would make sense that you may not be seeing it in the webserver logs cause the exception is on a different service.

You can check out (and edit if you'd like) these settings yourself too by going to the System Profile settings and clicking on 'Error Detection'. See the attached screenshot


It means Log level in the sense which were written in code by log4j or something???

Unhandled Inter-Tier exception: we are not able to see in any of tier either from calling side or called side

How can I exclude something from unhandled Inter-tier Exception?


Hi Praveena,

in addition to the other answers I would like to add that the "Important logging" rules only apply if your logs are captured by AppMon in the first place. This is only possible if the process that writes the log is instrumented by an AppMon agent and uses a supported logging framework. You can view instrumented methods in the out-of-the-box Sensor Packs in Server Settings -> Sensor Packs. The only logging Sensor Packs are for Java, .NET and PHP. So Webserver logs written by a Webserver like Apache won't be captured.

Dynatrace in turn reads logs directly from the hard drive and therefore has access to logs that are written by processes which aren't deep-monitored.

best regards

Thnaks Franz.

But my question is what is the meaning of the important loggings and from where they are being fetched if tehy don't have any impact on the transaction?

If you look in the error detection settings based on the link I posted you can see exactly what criteria are used. It is just based on the log level (the following regex by default):


In AppMon the logging is captured when the actual logging methods (e.g. log.severe("some message") ) is called within your code.