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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

When Numbers Do Not Match - BT to Chart


I have an odd situation.  In short I have a BT returns a set of count values.  I then use that BT in a chart doing taking the total count value. 

Problem I'm running into is the Chart is showing a higher total than the BT.  (again, the BT is the source for the Chart's data.) 

I'm trying to figure out where my misstep is or if there is something else wrong with my Charting.

Details Below:

Business Transaction


Measurement A,

Aggregate: Count

Measurement Details.

  • Metric Invocation (Methods)
  • Class: A.B.C.D.E.F.G
  • Method: Invoke
  • Argument: Long
  • Upper Severe 1.0

Calculated Results:


Split Results:



When I run the report for Thursday I get two entries

  • Application A: 7833
  • Application B: 10
    • Total: 7843

When I run the report for Wednesday

  • Application A: 9771
  • Application B: 14
    • Total: 9785


Now I take this measurement and create a chart :

Chart Filter


Last X

  • Last 7 days

 Chart/Dashlet Properties


Business Transaction from above

  • Aggregation: Count, total no Split
  • Scale x1


Chart Type: Line Chart

Resolution: 1d


When I run the report for Thursday

  • Total: 7842

When I run the Report for Wednesday

  • Total: 9782 


So the meat of my issue is that how is it that using same time frames for the Chart (that is using the BT) and the BT solo I get different values.  Maybe I'm wrong to assume a 1 to 1 correlation from source to chart but I'm trying to understand where my extra entries from the chart is coming from where the BT is not picking it up.





Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


The Business Transactioni Dashlet will calculate the data from the PurePaths by looking at all the PurEPaths for wednesday and thursday. It will look at those PurePaths that started within that timeframe.

As for measures. Measures are extracted from PurePaths when they are finished. This will happen almost immediately when the PurePath is complete - not when it starts. Also - measures are calculated in 10s interval and then aggregated to 1 min once stored in to the performance warehouse. This "slight shift" could explain that some of the measures from PurePaths that e.g: started close to midnight moved over to the next day.

Does this make sense?