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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Whenever the source page url is contains then it should not be captured.How to write a regex for this?


I have created a user action based Business Transaction.I need a regex which should not capture if the source page url contains other urls should be captured.Can someone help me on this?




You even not need a regex for this. You can define a Web Request metric to be used in your BT filter, that uri contains

On the thresholds, in order to exclude all of them, you should define the lower thresholds (below or equal 0 should do the job)

With that set as filter, those purepaths will no go ahead and you will have all the rest ordered without noise!

Hope this helps

Hi @Arturo Mondelo R. thanks for your reply. Actually my business transaction is based on user action and so it will not consider the pureapths right?

You can add the filter you need to avoid those noise. I usually add not containing filters to static content as css or png.

Those transactions will not be part of your splits on that BT.