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Where do I find log files created from the LDAP Test Connection Monitor?


We are using the LDAP Test Connection Monitor Plugin v 1.0.1 and I cannot seem to find any log files being generated for the tests that we are running. It doesn't appear to be creating anything that I can see from within the Dynatrace Client (AppMon 6.5). The URL and SOAP Plugin monitors are found under Connected Systems --> Collector# -> Support Information --> Log Files so I would have expected to find the LDAP monitor logs there as well.

The Log Level in the Plugin is set to INFO.

Thanks in advance for any insight on this.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Any logs that are create should be in the same location as the ones you mentioned for plugins. You can also use the "System Information" dashlet to browse to the collector and view any logs generated as opposed to logging into the collector.

The issue could just be that for community plugins the logging isn't always as well implemented. I know I've had issues in the past with that. You could try upping the logging to finer and seeing if that results in more.


Thanks James, your response is appreciated! I will try upping the log level and see if that triggers anything.

If it is helpful here's the Github page that has the source for the plugin so you can see what should be logged: