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Where to find the SDK for plugin development


Is there a document or any other information available on how to develop plugins?

Currently I am looking into a plugin that was already developed and trying to build it locally on my Mac in Intellij IDEA. But apparently building a plugin is not that straightforward as I expected it to be. One thing is, that I do not have the com.dynatrace.diagnostics.sdk bundle... and I cannot find any documentation on where to get it. So main question is...

Where do I get the sdk bundle?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Is this what you're looking for:


It sure is helpful... Thank you for the link!

In the end I also had to copy the com.dynatrace.diagnostics.sdk.jar from our Dynatrace server, since I have no local installation of it.

And I also noticed I could build and test the plugin from within the Dynatrace Client. Which saved a lot of time in the end.

I was hoping that it would me more like: "You'll have to download this (jar) SDK, develop it like this locally, test it like that locally and then deploy it to a server". But that might be a too easy thought.

For now I can continue! Thanks again.

Awesome! Yeah my exposure to plugin development isn't extensive but generally I work on it in eclipse then build and test in the client.