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Whether any new license required for setting up new collectors ?


Hi Team.

We have two datacenters(DC1 and DC2) in which we have agents installed and they are connecting to collector in DC1 and collector in DC2 respectively. Now we are thinking to setup two new collectors, one in DC1 and another in DC2. So, incase of failure of collector1 present in DC1 the agents should automatically connect to the collector2 and same in DC2 as well. For this setup do we need to procure any new license or can we directly download the dump and configure it?





Hi Praveena,

no license is required to install a new collector. Go ahead!



Thanks Melory. Now we decided to connect the agents in one DC(i.e., DC1) to the collector group(consisting of two collectors) in the same DC and in the same way for DC2 also.

1) For this to make the agents to connect to collector group. what changes should be done while configuring agents? Can you please explain us in detailed steps?

Hello Praveena,

There is nothing special on the agents configuration side except distribute the agents on both collectors e.g. if you are going to configure 10 agents then just configure 5 to one collector and 5 to second collector.

This is the best practice even you have collector group for the auto load balancing and failover.



Thanks Babar. But in agent configuration file we have to specify the collector to which it wants to connect right? So, am asking you what to specify there?

Hello Praveena,

Nothing except if you have multiple instance then the port will be different for the second instance e.g. the default port is 9998 but if you have a second instance then you will define another port e.g. 9997 to connect to that collector.


If you are asking how to make the collectors group then just select the collector and assign a create collector group e.g. in my case there are three groups of collectors and each has three collector instances.

Is this make sense or you are asking something else?



Thanks Babar. My question is we install an agent and then we will configure it to the specific collector. But in my scenario there are two collectors which are created as collector group. So, am asking whether an agent to be connected to single collector among collector group or else in a different way? If an agent is connected to single collector will it be able to connect to another collector in collector group automatically if the initially connected collector goes down?

Exactly. Once you will configure the collectors group then each agent will have a collectors list to connect automatically.

one more question what does second instance mean?

More than one collector on the same host is called the second instance and even you can add more if your resources allow.

As Babar said, you will make the same configuration even if you use Collector Group or not.

For example:

For Linux system and Java Agent you will have some thing similar to that:


The port number will vary according to your need.

If the collector you are using is part of a Collector Group then the load balancing will be automatic.