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While creating a measure, error in sensor group selection- sensor group is blank

While creating a measure for a method, when we have to add a sensor rule for that method and this below dialogue box prompts up to select the sensor group for which this sensor rule to be added.  Sensor group is blank(Please refer the below image)

At least we should be able to select the default sensor groups ??<br>



Hi @Reethika K.,

Not sure if you still have this issue, but I'm going to leave the answer here for further information anyway.

It is highly recommended to Sensor Groups in your System Profile. Some reasons for that are:

  1. Differentiate between technologies;
  2. Specific methods for specific agents;
  3. Possibility to load the Sensor Group only in the desired Agent Group (reduces overhead)
  4. I'm not sure if the default Sensor Group will be available in your case.

With that said, I do recommend you take a look at this article: to help you setup the Sensor Groups.

After that, you can create the sensor rules by right-clicking the desired method within the PurePath and selecting AddSensorRules > IncludeSelectedMethods or by using the Class Browser in the Sensor Groups window.

Please, let me know if the answer was helpful and don't hesitate in using Dynatrace Answers if you have any doubts.