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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why are users sharing a single visit?


Here is my scenario:

We have an application setup for UEM, and we have a measure for user tagging. After a visit is idle for 15 minutes, the visit ends. There is a single workstation that is shared among roughly 10 employees. Greg is the first person in the morning to use the web application on the workstation. He logs into the app, and then once he is finished he logs out but leaves the browser open for the next user. Mark is next up at the computer and arrives within the 15 minute idle period of Greg's visit, although Greg logged out, and logs into the web application.

At this point, if I look inside the DynaTrace app mon program, I will see Greg's visit which include's Mark's visit. It will show the initial signon, signoff, and then signon again.

Even with the measure to tag users, this does not distinguish between the two visits. If this scenario continues throughout the day and is constantly used, then I am left with one visit started by Greg for the entire day. At some point in the day when Dave has issues, we cannot look it up by username since the entire visit under Greg.

This is not a problem if we only have one location to monitor, but once you add many locations then it takes a lot of time to trying to find the correct visit to research the issues at hand.

DynaTrace is on version

Looking at forums, documentation, and the UEM settings inside DynaTrace I am unable to find any settings or answers.

Let me know if you need any more information regarding this.

Thanks for your help.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Someone else may have better explanation but here is how I understand it; visits are tracked via a cookie (dtCookie) and the tags are only tagging these visits - it is not used to actually create a new visit. If that dtCookie is the same it will be treated as one visit.

Perhaps it would be useful to change the default timeout for your visits (30 minutes by default)? I suppose you could also use some method of clearing out the cookies when a user logs out or something like that as well.


Changed the default timeout to 15 minutes. See my post above.

If I completely close the browser and reopen then I do not experience this situation above. However, I cannot train that many areas to do this, and closing and reopening the browser and web page each time adds too much overhead for the employees and their job when the page can be up and ready to go all day long and all they need is to login.

It needs to be the entire browser closed and not simply the opened tab.

Any other suggestions?

I did some searching and found this old post that seems to be related to your situation. It looks like there is an API call that can be made to end a visit on a certain page (i.e logout page or something similar).

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Andrew,

James is right: visits are tracked via browser cookie (dtCookie) which will not change as long as the browser stays open.
However, you could use the JavaScript agent ADKs dynatrace.endVisit feature to forcibly terminate a visit e.g. whenever a user logs out (see